Amazing experience, perfect puppy

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My boyfriend and I picked up our puppy Aug. 2022. We started communicating with Michael at the end of Dec. 2021, and our experience with him was amazing! We live in PA, and being in a state that has such a high rate of puppy mills, it was a loooooong process to find a breeder we felt confident and comfortable supporting, and welcoming a healthy family member from. Communication was fantastic, every email was answered within a day or two. He was very honest about the breed and potential health issues they may face, no guarantee of hypoallergenic coat etc. We very much appreciated his honesty and felt we could really trust him through this process, I spoke with many breeders and shelters who either never answered or came back with answers that didn’t make us feel comfortable moving forward, Michael sent every paper and picture we asked for.
We visited the farm once before moving forward, and loved it! The property is incredibly clean and obviously well cared for. Not only did the mama dogs have great outdoor spaces, but the other animals on the farm appeared very well cared for too. Michaels dog Kaya was walking off leash with us the whole tour as well as puppy Bruce who was available then. Our process was amazing, and we now have the perfect puppy. He has been sitting, the most social and trainable dog I have had in my life since the day we brought him home. This breed is amazing on its own, but I do believe our puppy Mishka is such an amazing and loving boy because he was born into a really amazing environment. He wants to be friends with every human and animal we meet. He was meant to be with us, and we cannot imagine life without him. Thank you Michael!

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